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01:06 pm: 10 Suggestions for West African Email Scammers:
1. Avoid mentioning West Africa, Nigeria or related places in your emails. The main thing most Americans know about Nigeria and West Africa is that that is where most email scams come from.
2. Avoid long rambling messages. The more text you write the less realistic it seems.
3. Use proper English sentence structure, including punctuation, capitalization and tense. If your English is sloppy, which it is, stick to short simple sentences.
4. Spell check.
5. Avoid excessive formalities or familiarities in what are intended to imitate small business emails. Don't start with "My darling" or end with "Most cordially and humbly yours." Better to keep it short and simple.
6. Remember that you are trying to trick the American into thinking you are another American. Look at how Americans write and imitate that.
7. Don't make the deal much too good to be true. If someone offers you ten times as much money as you asked for, doesn't that make you suspicious?
8. Don't ask me to list what country I am in. Remember, you are pretending that we are both Americans.
9. Make the story plausible. If you want to buy a common small item, why would you try to buy it from a stranger several states away?
10. If you have the skills and intelligence to pull off all of the above, you can probably make more money in a real job than you ever will emailing out petty scams.

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