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08:40 am: Comcast doesn't care
Yesterday, after describing how badly Comcast's system works, I got a message from comcastcares5  telling me how much Comcast Cares and offering to help me process my payment and get my service up and running right away.

This would have been possibly useful, except that as stated in my previous post, I spent much of yesterday morning talking Comcast through the process of accepting my payment, and as a result my service is still up and running.

What is potentially more interesting is just how dumb this is. comcastcares5 's journal is blank, and the journals of comcastcares4 comcastcares3 comcastcares2 and comcastcares1 have all been suspended by livejournal.
comcastcares5  clearly didn't read all two paragraphs of my post. So presumably Comast has decided that rather than designing a system that doesn't make things unnecessarily difficult, it costs less to assign a few people to limiting the negative publicity by responding to blog posts using the word Comcast. Comcast! Comcast!

The problem with this strategy is that it makes no sense. It isn't a Herculean task to design a phone system that allows people to sign up for service with only one call (It took me 8 calls to get to talk to someone when I wanted service). It isn't hard to design a credit card system that processes a payment in less than three months. Most companies do not have trouble with this. But it doesn't seem to occur to Comcast to actually improve their system. Instead they put that energy into telling us that they care, after they have already screwed us. What they don't seem to get is nobody cares if they claim to care. We know they don't care, because if they did they would build a decent system. They are a telecommunications company, it can't be that hard for them to build a functional phone service system and a functional online payment system. If they cared, they wouldn't consistently screw these things up. Furthermore, I don't care if they care. I don't want my internet service provider to be my BFF, I want them to provide consistent service and stay out of my hair as long as I pay my bills. I want them to make it easy to sign up, to know how to process a payment without me holding their hand, and to not pay people to skim my blog and then send me an email lying to me about how much Comcast cares.

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