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10:26 pm: Quick, read this lie to me!
Apparently former Bush Administration officials responsible for the torture of terror suspects are planning to use the excuse that their legal, military and intelligence advisers didn't give them the freely available information that the methods they wanted to use had previously been ruled bot ineffective and illegal. They feel betrayed and let down. This is an odd argument, given that these advisers were chosen specifically because they would give the desired advice, were instructed to find ways to give that advice and were believed over other advisers who actually did provide complete and accurate information. It is a bit like sending yourself an email saying that you are snowed in, not going to work for a week even though you can see it is warm and sunny out, then suing your internet service provider when you get fired, on account of it delivered false information.

It is scary how much Kool-Aid these people were serving themselves.

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