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11:01 am: Good Morning!
I awoke this morning to the sound of a couple of hundred pounds of roofing landing a few feet from my head. It took me a moment to comprehend that it was not a giant earthquake. Rather the roof of our building is being replaced, and at 8AM sharp the workers started pealing off large sections of roof and dropping them into a dump truck parked just outside my window. Iris was spared, having left the house at 7 to head to a conference in SoCal.

Once I had figured out that my life was not in danger it occurred to me to look for the cats, who were both all the way in the back of the closet. Every ten to thirty seconds, another rain of gravel would herald the falling of another giant chunk of roof. This started to become routine enough that the kitten came out of the closet and I picked him up. I was carrying him down the hall when one of the chunks of roof came in through the bathroom window, spraying glass everywhere. I found I was bleeding from a couple of spots, not from glass, but from the kitten who may never come out of the closet again. The truck had gotten piled too high and a piece of roofing bounced/slid/flopped off the pile and through the window. The bathtub is covered in glass, gravel and roofing tar.

I called Iris, got our landlord's cell phone number from her, and got a promise from him that the bathroom would be cleaned up and the window fixed by this afternoon.

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