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11:30 pm: Hillariously Depressing
Someone in the Republican Party has figured out that if they are to be useful or regain power, they have to do more than object to Obama's proposals and hope that he fails. Unfortunately, Gov. Pawlenty in this interview in which he argues that Republicans need to have their own ideas, fails to offer any ideas. He goes back and forth between saying, "feeding off what they [Democrats] do wrong is not a strategy,” and feeding off what he sees as Democrat's chances for failure "directly attributable to the misguided and over-baked fiscal policies that you are seeing right now.” Nowhere in the article does he offer a positive idea about what should be done, even though he explicitly states that is what he needs to do.

I guess if your party is fresh out of ideas, even the mention of trying to have an idea counts as having an idea. One of these years the GOP may have an idea again. Until then it is nothing but teabagging.

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