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02:10 pm: Feelings of Big Head Insufficiency
I once bought an XXXL hat that was still too tight. I have gotten used to wearing hats on the top of my head, instead of around the top of my head as most people would. So it is with some relief, and disappointment, that I have found bigheadcaps.com. My head is 24.25 inches around, but they advise buying a hat whose band is one inch larger, so I need 25.25 inches. They sell hats for people with head circumference of up to 26.75 inches. This is a relief, because now I know I can order a hat big enough for me, but is disappointing because now I know I am not especial. My head is only freakishly large (in the top one percentile), not the biggest around. Somewhere out there there are people with heads even gianter than mine. My ego feels smaller already.

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