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01:41 pm: You can tell we got a little desperate at the end there

$1000 2 cats seeking temporary home for our humans (berkeley)

Hi, we are looking for a place in Berkeley for ourselves and our two humans. They are both graduate students who never do anything but sit in front of computers, typing their theses, and they won't even let us help.

We prefer a place with lots of mice, or near a fish-packing plant, but the humans, who write the checks, say that is not their top priority. They prefer a "quiet place to work." This is not the only way our people are boring. They don't drink, smoke, watch TV, have parties or eat spiders. And they never let us destroy furniture.

Anyway, if you want to rent to us and these boring humans, we're going to need at least one good window that provides a sun-spot to nap in. They say we are "moving back East" (where we hear the mice are slower) at the end of June, so we just need a place for April, May and June. Oh, and they insist it be walking distance to a BART stop on the Richmond Line. Sigh, you have to put up with humans' oddities as long as they keep bringing home the kibbles, cleaning the box and swinging those toys.

Happy napping,
FeLion and Tigrinum

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