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09:13 am: Tauscher
Our Congresswoman, Ellen Tauscher, has been appointed Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, and will be leaving congress. I am happy to see her go. In addition to frequently voting with the Republicans on the close votes, and generally championing the wrong approaches to things, her staff do a terrible job of pretending to read my letters before sending a form letter reply. I'll write a letter urging a bigger, stronger, longer-lasting stimulus package and get back a letter some weeks later explaining the need for having a bank bailout. If no one in her office actaully reads correspondence from the constituents, can it really be said that she represents us? I won't feel any less represented by not having a congressperson at all. I hope when we have an election to replace her the Democrats ut forward someone more interested in being a representative, and not just a Representative.

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