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04:00 pm: Mission to the plaza
We're moving. Probably to Davis at the end of March. My lab work will be done and I won't need to be on campus more than two days a week, while Iris will still need to be in Davis 5 days.
Next weekend we're taking a bunch of stuff up to Iris's mother's house for storage. To accomplish this, we needed boxes.

We got a CityCarShare car for two hours and cruised El Cerrito Plaza. Outside Trader Joe's we found a cart full of flattened cardboard boxes. We asked if we could take them, and the cashier came outside and loaded them in the back of the car for us. We visited their wine section and got another pile of boxes. We wandered from store to store asking for more boxes, but most of the places that use a lot of boxes have big crusher machines that squish all the cardboard into an unusable mass. We tried Starbucks, and the guy there told us where the dumpster was where the smaller stores throw their flattened boxes. We took a few from there, but most were dirty or broken. Driving back towards home, we stopped in near the El Cerrito Natural grocery. Across the street we found several dozen empty cardboard boxes left on the sidewalk outside a baby-stuff store. We took the ones that seemed appropriate for our stuff, as many as we could fit in the car. We unloaded them into our living room and took the car back to its home at the El Cerrito Plaza BART. Walking toward home we heard frogs calling in the yard two houses from Brent and Dawn. We tried calling them and got no answer, but then we saw Brent on the steps. He invited us inside for tea. David was there, and we talked about science and writing a thesis, and people doing their math wrong. Dawn made tasty ginger tea, and Brent told us his good job news.

We walked home to find our living room filled with boxes.

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